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The Elrond Network is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy.

1 EGLD = $35.09
Delegated assets
165,368.66 EGLD
Computed APR
Service Fee
How much EGLD do you want to stake?
100.00 EGLD
Daily earnings
0.02 EGLD
Monthly earnings
0.62 EGLD
Yearly earnings
7.48 EGLD
Service fee is included in earnings estimations
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Elrond FAQ
What is the minimum amount to join?
The minimum amount required in order to stake with us is 1 EGLD. Keep in mind that each interaction with the blockchain requires a small amount of EGLD, so remember to always have some dust (small amount of EGLD leftover) to interact with the smart contract when choosing an amount to delegate.
Can Alchemist steal my EGLD?
No, the delegation mechanism is non-custodiary, so we are never in control of your EGLD. You can withdraw EGLD from our smart contract at any time.
How can I retrieve my delegated EGLD back?
When you wish to withdraw your funds, you will have to go through an unstaking process that takes 10 days. After that, you will be able to unbond your tokens and withdraw them in your wallet.
What is a validator node?
Validator nodes are computers running the Elrond software, so they contribute to the Elrond network by relaying information and validating it. Our team is on duty 24/7 to monitor our infrastructure.
Is staking safe?
We use a smart contract that has gone through security audits and it is certified by the Elrond team.